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Introduction Of The Operating Principle Of Slitting Rewinding Machine


slitting rewinding machine, I'm sure the big film companies and paper companies are very familiar with them. Slitting rewinding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for slittting wide paper roll, mica tape or film into multiple narrow-width materials rolls. It often used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica belt and printing and packaging machinery.

It is mainly composed of unwinding mechanism, slitting mechanism, rewinding mechanism, transmission mechanism, tension control mechanism, deviation correction mechanism and testing device.

Introduction Of The Operating Principle Of Slitting Rewinding Machine

Taking the film material as an example, the working principle is that the film raw material released from the unwinding mechanism, through the flattening rolls, tension detection roll, energy roller, edge correct system, into the cutting mechanism. After slitting, the raw material are reeled into standard film rolls by the rewinding mechanism.

Although the slitting rewinding machine has only one single function, don’t underestimate it. Because slitting plays a very important role in the whole process.
Through the above introduction, I believe that we all know the importance of the process of slitting. And in the slitting process, if we want to ensure the quality of products, it is very important to choose a good equipment.

Introduction Of The Operating Principle Of Slitting Rewinding Machine

Zhejiang Gaobao Machinery,a joint-stock company specializing in manufacturing reel material processing equipment for more than 20 years, focusing on manufacture excellent slitting equipment. Then let me introduce FQA high-speed slitting rewinding machine to you.

FQA slitting rewinding machine is suitable for many kinds of jumbo roll materials, such as adhesive stickers/PVL/PET/Release paper/breathable film/Pearlized BOPP.

Introduction Of The Operating Principle Of Slitting Rewinding Machine

Performance and Characteristics:
1. This machine adopts PLC (Siemes )/Servo motor control and automatic taper tension, central surface rewinding. Frequency control of motor, running smoothly in acceleration.
2. It has the functions of automatic counting meter, automatic alarm, etc. Adopting A and B pneumatic shaft structure for rewinding, easy for loading and unloading.
3. It adopts ultrasonic/CCD automatic edge correction adjustment system for unwinding, automatic materials will be easy slit.
4. Equipped with automatic waste film blowing device.
5. Automatic material loading by pneumatic, matched with air.

After the above introduction and explanation, I believe that you have a general understanding of FQA slitting rewinding machine. And Gaobao will share as much information about the machine later as possible!


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